Arc Release: August 1st

Pre Release: September 1st

Launch Release: October 1st

TAINTED is a cross between True Blood and CSI, for those women who love the thralls of fantasy without the erotica or romance and overstay of violence.

Unsolved Homicide Detective Jesse Stone is content to stay in her basement corner of the world where she’s allowed to be a hard hitting detective by day and soulful, often drunk Jazz crooner at night, unnoticed by the higher ups in the Wilkson Police Department. That is, until the day she agrees to work with another investigative team solving a stream of dead teen’s popping up around town. When Jesse meets Detective Nathan Remington and his rag tag team of investigators, she realizes her entire world is a sham. Vampires and other creepers exist and nothing is as it seems. She begins to question everything about her past, including her father’s termination from the Police Department and his later suicide. Even her own job.