Maggie M.S. Burleson and The Motsians

Maggie is a Sophomore at UNCW. Currently she is studying both Creative Writing and Film studies. Her passions range from both creative arts to historical biographies. she has paused her studies for the moment, but hopes to continue in 2021.
As well art degrees, Maggie is also earning minors in both Anthropology and Editing for Publishing. The authors dream is to open her own publishing and production company. This is why she founded The Writertarian  Blog in 2015.
Yet again, she decided to re-brand the website in December of 2016. Because of this, the new company brand turned into: On Tap Publications. OTP. The new brand focused on her two passions: Wine and reading.
Shortly after, she re branded a third and final time to Merlot Et Mots. Now, she is still dedicated to the same mission, but under a new name.
Because Maggie enjoys reading Fantasy novels, historical fiction and international crime drama’s of all kinds, she sometimes can’t decide what to read.
Some of her favorite books include Harry Potter, House of Night and Goddess of the Moon. Her favorite TV shows and movies include 24, Supernatural, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire slayer, Criminal Minds,  An Affair to Remember, Must Love Dogs, Leverage, The Librarians, The Tudors, Reign
Maggie also loves old T.V. Shows like The Golden Girls, MASH, All in the Family and Cheers.
Merlot Et Mots current projects include:

Tainted, A Jesse Stone Case File. Set in a fictional small town in North Carolina, Tainted is a Paranormal Mystery that follows homicide detective Jesse Stone as she tries to uncover the  truth about her past and stop a gang of rouge vampires from leaving more bodies.

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