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Book Details:

Book TitleSilence of Islands — Poems by W.M. Raebeck
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18 +),  170 pages
PublisherHula Cat Press
Release date:   July 2020
Content Rating:  G. this book of poems is ‘grown-up’ but nothing violent, explicit, illegal, profane or hardcore.

Book Description:

Poetry for the summer day, poetry for the dark night. Poems that cut a walkable trail through the forest of life. Always with a nudge and a wink, “It’ll be okay.” This collection reflects a lifetime of nature, love, travel, death, joy, art, family, and the eternal questions. A potion of emotion to soothe and move you.

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Meet the Author:

W. M. Raebeck’s trademarks are humorous candor, spiritual stretching, and frequent exits from the comfort zone. She lives in Hawaii, with regular Mainland visits. Her 5 books to date are true-life accounts, from the misadventures of a sugar-freak hippie chick (‘I Did Inhale’), to 20 stories about art, Hollywood, and spirits (‘Stars in Our Eyes’), to trekking through the Costa Rican rainforest (‘Expedition Costa Rica’), to teaching yoga in Santa Monica (‘Some Swamis are Fat’),* and now her poetry collection, ‘Silence of Islands.’ Before authoring, Raebeck was a film and television actress based in LA, London, and NYC. She went on to freelance journalism, contributing to the then-alternative world of green politics, environmental protection, U.S. involvement in Central American wars, socially conscious investing, and much more. Her articles were always accompanied by her own photography, including numerous cover stories for the LA Weekly and other papers like the East Hampton Star from her former hometown. In Raebeck’s personal life, yoga and natural health (sugar notwithstanding) remain institutions. As is maintaining a zero-waste household. Animal rights and environmental activism are lifelong commitments, including all-too-frequent bird rescue. W. M. Raebeck’s books are available in print and ebook worldwide, and can be ordered from any book store or library. Audio editions are in the works! For additional info, or to join the email list, visit Her next book, ‘Nicaragua Story—Back Roads of the Contra War,’ takes a hard look at a people’s war, and will be out in 2021. * ‘Some Swamis are Fat’ is under the pen-name Ava Greene.

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My Thoughts:

I jumped at the chance to review a book of poetry because I have so few on my shelf and I’m happy to say that Silence of the Islands does not disappoint. I found the layout of the poems intriguing and I read the book through twice. Once in order as written in the book and once by the order of the date. The poems were beautiful and thought provoking. Each one held their own unique flavor and unfolded different insights into the authors perspective at the time the poem was written.

There were different styles of poetry through out the book, some long winded and some short. I loved the differences because they didn’t all mingle together and the short poems provided a nice break up from the long ones.

If you love poetry, this is definitely a book to add to your shelf. I give the book in total, a five out of five stars for unique content, quick reads. These eighty four poems bring to life different places and different times from the authors travel and make you long for your own adventure.



by W. M. Raebeck, author of ‘Silence of Islands — poems’

  1. Q.  What is your writing ritual?
  1.  A.  Unless it’s dead of night and I’m in bed or sitting out under the moon, in which case I use my laptop, for first drafts I’ll usually drive to a nearby beautiful and quiet spot—beach, woods, or someplace with a river or mountain view. After choosing the spot, I roll back the driver’s seat, stick my foot out the window, pull out my clipboard stacked with recycled paper, and write long-hand ’til the well runs dry. It’s generally morning, often at sunrise. By gazing out upon nature’s bounty between writing bursts, I recharge my sanity and preserve my eyesight. A mocha frappé in summer or hot chocolate in winter are required fuel. My editing ritual is almost identical; fuel optional. In editing mode, I’ll print out an entire manuscript, double-spaced with wide margins, then—with extra pens handy—start reading and axing, sometimes entire pages, occasionally entire chapters! I’m a ruthless editor.
  1. Q.  Are there special places you like to write about? 

2.  A.  I’m a lifelong traveler; you’ll always take a journey in my books. In “I Did Inhale — Memoir of a Hippie Chick,” it was delicious to describe the glories of the Greek Islands, and to share a location that transformed my life. Hawai’i’s wonderful to write about, too, since one is truly describing Paradise. In fact, I’m currently concluding a two-year journal about the ‘fine details’ of daily life here. (If at some future time, I live elsewhere, I need a means of reliving this perfection in full  detail.)

3.  Q.  Would you recommend being a writer as a full-time profession?

3.  A.  Possibly as an investigative journalist or a political junkie; or if you have a financially supportive spouse or sponsor; or if you’re passionate about a particular subject—like the environment or food or even Hollywood gossip. But, even if highly motivated by some consuming issue, unless you get a column or steady position at a big newspaper, or are a ‘contributing editor’ for a paper or magazine, you’ll probably be scrambling for greenbacks. Writing’s simply not a lucrative career! And it’s sedentary and isolated work. In my experience—having written for decades, in many different capacties—I find it healthier mentally and physically to have other paid work and other interests. Writers need to draw from the world, not just from our desks. But try it out professionally!  Just don’t get too bummed if the lifestyle ain’t what you imagined. (Freelance journalism’s fun if you also have a side hustle.)

4.  Q.  What are your thoughts about the pandemic?

4.  A.  Without waxing political, I’ve felt strongly for well over a decade that you can no longer rely on the outside world for truth or morality or even credibility. I believe firmly in practicing and nurturing one’s own sanity, health, and spirit in one’s own way. Whether through nature, activities, animals, personal discipline, music, meditation, spiritual reading, giving and loving, all of the above…you’ve got to have your own beautful bubble to dwell in, to come home to, to restore in, to be creative in, and to have complete faith in. Now more than ever. This is not the time to seek answers from media, government, or outside influences. Go inward and upward, and build your own strength and solace. These are CRAZY times! You must have some home base (even your special tree in the city park or your morning walk) that’s beautiful, real, and valuable—that you can depend on daily.

5.  Q.  The world has changed so much since your ‘hippie chick’ adventures. Do you have general advice for millennials?

5.  A.  Look ahead and try to prepare for the next part of your life. Whatever you prepare for, you’ll attract because you’ll be ready. Respect that the opposite sex is utterly different than you—try to understand the differences (yin needs yang, and yang needs yin) to save yourself disappointment and confusion. Be moderate with substances—don’t become dependent on anything. Try to accept that your parents were/are just two regular people finding their way through life, just like the rest of us! Find a few wise older people and listen to them.

6.  Q.  Where can people find you?

6.  A.  In Hawai’i! Or at ““. They can email me at ‘;’ they can order all my books absolutely anywhere—on line or through book stores; and they can ask libraries to stock them. My books are all available in paperback and ebook (audio in the works). My next book is “Nicaragua Story—Back Roads of the Contra War,” out in early 2021. I cordially invite readers of your blog to join my email list! I only send messages every 2-3 months, mainly to  update about my new books—as I’ll do when the audio versions come out—plus any exclusive offers for my list only

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