Murder and Mahjong (Divine Place #1)
When Eloise Worthington drops dead and awakens in the afterlife, she knows she doesn’t belong—mainly because she’s surrounded by a supernatural cocktail of species she never knew existed. Gods, witches, vampires, werewolves—and now Eloise, a middle-aged human more concerned with getting her way than getting out of someone else’s. She quickly learns that this supernatural retirement village isn’t the last stop on the Afterlife Express and villagers can be blinked out of existence, which is exactly what happens to Zeus.

To err is human, to end up in the supernatural afterlife in a hot dog suit is divine.

nack cover of Divine Place

Chase writes fun and quirky characters that fill the world of Divine Place with intrigue and laughter. Her stories are lighthearted and fun reads. Characters from gods, to fairies and troll fill the world of Divine Place and bring it to life in a unique, fun setting that grabs the reader from the beginning and keeps them reading until the last page.

When I finished each book in the series, I was almost sad to see it was over. I wanted the story to keep going. In a world where fantasy has become dark and depressing, it’s so good to lighthearted fun reads like this. Not only that, the characters are not young, angsty teens. No, Eloise Worthington is a full grown women facing issues like menopause.

One of my other favorite things about the book is how Chase write’s Worthington’s relationship with her male counterpart. While Worthington admits she doesn’t mind a one night stand as much as the next person, she develops a strong friendship with the son of Zeus that may or may not lead to something more eventually (it’s still up in the air as far as the second book is concerned). The relationship has a lot more emotion to it than physicality of most written relationship.

I’ve read multiple book series from Chase and none disappoint. I’d give this series a 5 out of 5. Anyone could read this series from high school girls and to grandma’s and they’d all enjoy it. I still think older women who enjoy Hallmark-style movies and cozy mysteries will enjoy it though. I could definitely see these books being made into movies rather than tv shows and it makes me wish there was a Hallmark style channel for fantasy movies (other than the darkness of sci-fi and WB).

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