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This past week has been an insane sense of happy business for the blog. You’ll notice that the amount of book reviews and author interviews have almost doubled this month. I finally worked up the courage to start emailing author or author contacts for ARC’s or E-ARC’s starting with a list of my favorite authors. So far, only one person has turned down an ARC request, but I still received the interview, which I consider a win. I am interviewing new authors for Of Ash and Shadows by Sarah King and unique stories from Disney such as Unbirthday and Rebel Rose. So many amazing books, so little time. I’m sure to reach my goals of reading 52 books in a year just based on book reviews alone.

I will being doing book reviews well into November and will take a short break over Christmas to rest. Book reviews will pick up again in Janaury and hopefully I will have some additional content to add. Eventually all book reviews will come with their own cocktail and recipe, but this will take some effort to go through the back log and work on those, so I hope to finish this over December and get ahead for January and February.

You’ll also notice, I added a Ko-Fi donation button at the top of every blog post. If you enjoy our blogs and reviews please consider offering a small donation to help us maintain website fees. All money earned from Ko-fi goes directly into the business. By the end of this week I hope to have detailed budgets for book publishing and website management to post on the website as well so you’ll see where the donations go.

We’ve also added weekly poems and short stories from my collection every Tuesday and Thursday as well, meaning daily content and information for you to enjoy. I hope to make announcements soon on the Jesse Stone book series, as well as some possible web series ideas coming soon. We also want to eventually offer some awesome store swag that will help support the business as well. There’s a lot of ideas shooting around and I need to sit at some point and sketch everything out. At the moment, this is a one-woman operation and I’m pretty much managing everything by myself. I do help to bring on some assistance in the future, but I have no idea when that will actually be.

In the meantime, I hope all you lovely readers enjoy the content that we have to provide and will continue to support the blog either by reading, sharing or donating as you like.

Merlot Et Mots
Maggie Burleson

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