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The Girl Who Adored Rembrandt (Out of Time Thriller Series Book 3) - Kindle  edition by Ami, Belle. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

From the Amazon #1 bestselling author of The Girl Who Knew da Vinci comes the third book in the breathtaking Out of Time Thriller Series.

A frightening premonition of the theft of a priceless Rembrandt family portrait pulls psychic art historian, Angela Renatus, on a hunt to uncover the truth about the masterpiece. Sensing a connection to the great master himself, Angela fears that another of her doomed past lives with her fiancé Alex Caine will reveal itself to her. And with that revelation comes the possible threat of losing Alex in this lifetime.

Description from Amazon

Belle Ami weaves together another incredible tale of culture, art, history and magic. Rarely does a book get better with each next book in the series. Typically with serials, there are more errors within the manuscripts and plot holes that develop in each book. Ami’s background gives her an attention to detail that makes each book better and better.

I had an inkling from the beginning what would happen by the end of the story and even though I was right, it was still an incredible journey to follow because of Ami’s ability to capture the past and paint it, even as fiction, with words on paper.

Alex and Angela are written so vividly, it’s like your journeying across Europe with two of your best friends. I was afraid that Alex’s family would turn out to be a typical rich family. I was glad to see that Ami didn’t really follow the typical stereotypes with her characters. It made the book so much better.

But like usual, Ami delivers exactly what you expect in ways you don’t expect and doesn’t miss a line or dot. I didn’t notice any grammar mistakes or plot holes. I was actually sad to see the book end and now we wait for book number four.

As always, I give this book of 5 out of 5. I doubt there’s anything by Ami I wouldn’t like. This would be perfect for a TV show or movie series, though I think I’d prefer a tv series with each season focusing on one book. There’s enough content in each series to last for several episodes.

Women over the age of eighteen who appreciate art and romance will love this book. Anyone who enjoys Ghost Whisperer or Medium would enjoy.

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