An Out of Time Thriller by Belle Ami

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Art historian Angela Renatus knows she’s different. She can see into the past—into the lives of the greatest artists of all time—but are her visions a gift or a curse?

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Angela and her fiancé, Alex Caine—a former Navy Seal turned private detective—recover precious works of art for private collectors, museums, and galleries. Enlisted by the Uffizi Gallery in Florence Angela and Alex investigate what is considered one of the greatest art heists in history—the theft of Caravaggio’s “Nativity”. But the deeper they delve into Caravaggio’s life, the more Angela realizes that her visions about the tortured artist go far beyond the missing masterpiece.

A web of secrets and lies entangles Angela and Alex on a twisted and treacherous journey into Caravaggio’s very own heart of darkness…and the truth could propel the couple to a point of no return.

Belle Ami has become one of my favorite authors to read. There’s nothing I can’t say about this entire series that wouldn’t be considered praise.

In book 2 of the Out of Time Thriller we get to see more of Alex and know more of his background and we get to meet both Alex’s and Angela’s parents in more detail for the first time in the series. As well, we get more point of views than just the main characters and the artists. Usually extra point of view take away from the story more than they give, but in this case it’s just the opposite. We get to learn new things that further the plot and add more mystery and detail equally.

Caravaggio was historical proof genius is born, and also proof genius is not without flaw.

The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio by Belle Ami

Her background as an Art Major allows Ami to bring color into the story of Caravaggio’s troubled past and breathe it onto the paper through words. There’s no detail that doesn’t go unnoticed and doesn’t bring a new light to the book.

Every page promises more and more adventure, color, history and most importantly food. Every laid out detail makes you feel like you are journeying with Alex and Angela as you read the story.

The pace itself is not slow, while well detailed, it isn’t so lavishly worded that the writing bogs down the pace or the plot. The story flows easily and natural even with the breaks between time and point of view.

There were no grammar mistakes that I noticed and the formatting was strong. Once again, I say this is the kind of book authors dream of writing. It’s strong, something to be remembered and full of intriguing, well written characters and plots.

Over all, I give this book a 5 out of 5, just as the first.

This book would make a great movie like The da Vinci Code or a TV series like Ghost Whisperer. This book is definitely for adult women. Due to violence and sexual content, it wouldn’t be a good series for children or young adults under 18.

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