An Out of Time Thriller

A little crime, a little drama, a little magic and a whole lot of history wrapped into an incredible romance story that spans three generations. The Girl Who Loved da Vinciby Belle Ami takes readers on a world wind love story as incredible as the historical figures it portrays.

The 240-page book inspired by The Da Vinci Code takes readers on a journey back to the life of Da Vinci through the eyes of Fioretta Gorgini, Sophia Caro and Angela Renatus. Three women from three different time periods, all connected to the same lost painting of Da Vinci. Men, driven by greed, seek to be the first to discover the lost painting and uncover its truth for monetary gain and they are willing to kill for it. Can Angela, a young art intern in the modern world, save the painting and her own life from their murderous hands and in the process heal century-old wounds? She’s frequented by nightmares of Fioretta’s and Sofia’s past that take her back to the incredible world of historical Italy in the times of da Vinci and world war two in hopes of bringing the fated curse of the da Vinci painting.

This book is the kind of book that authors dream of writing. It’s the kind of book that inspires readers to become writers. While it gets its inspiration from the likes of The da Vincie Code, I found this book even better. I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. The story of Fioretta is heart breaking and passionate. Sofia’s story is mysterious and sexy. Angela’s plot weaves a beautiful combination of the two. All of it centered around the unusual tell of the missing da Vincie painting, which acts as a fourth character in the novel.

Grammar mistakes were minimal, and the few I noticed didn’t affect the writing. The author’s storytelling shone throughout the book with captivating and intriguing plot twist, though some outcomes were predictable, the storytelling that it took to get there was not. I laughed and cried with these women and men.

Not to mention that the bad guys are painted as realistic villains. Their each given their flaws and those flaws become the backbone that drives the story, as villains and characters should be written. Though at points, I wanted more from the villains, I realized instantly that this would’ve made the villain unrealistic and defeated the purpose of the story.

The ending was even more magnificent and left readers with questions to be answered in the follow-up story, which I’m already dying to read! Even with the few mistakes I mentioned above, I’m 100% invested in the story and have become a fan. Anyone who loves historical romances with a bit of magical realism involved will adore the modern twist on an iconic favorite. Though I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone under 18 because some of the graphic and sexual context. All things considered, I have to give this book a 4 out of 4 stars for incredible storytelling, brilliant plot and extraordinary characters. Hands down, I will be suggesting this book to any of my friends who love to read.

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