Hey, look!

A traditional blog post from…me! That’s right. As the hottest days of Summer find their way over the Rocky Mountains, it seems that I am returning to a somewhat normal energy level again. Over the past few months I have struggled with a slew of health issues from low thyroid to high cholesterol that has left me exhausted both mentally and physically. My writing has been miniscule at best. There have been actual moments where I considered quitting entirely simply because I didn’t want to, but here I am. Back again.

After months of not writing and fighting with the keyboard, I finally sat down this weekend and pounded out two chapters on book three, getting even closer to the end. Once it is finished, I can go right into full edits on book 2 and smooth things out before moving on to book four.

This morning, as I wait for my morning classes to start and the sun to rise, I’m also working on outlining upcoming novel series that will come to light after the Jesse Stone series as well, finding me a new slew of ideas to keep growing with. I hope this newfound burst of energy will at least continue long enough to last through my first week’s vacation in October so I can get in some solid word counts and start building my writing skills again. I’m sure I’ll need to work that out as much as I’ve learned to workout physically the past few months.

My overall goal right now is to save up as much as possible for the upcoming book series and then get as much done between now and fall of 2021 when I plan to return fully to University life, depending on the Corona situation. The website will go through some upgrades and new additions, as it always is, and hopefully I’ll be able to manage one to two regular posts per week full of goodies and information for fellow readers and writers.

That’s all from me for today!

Remember, Say it with words,

Maggie Burleson

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