Written by Gabrielle Goodloe. Edited by Maggie Burleson.

Article Resource: https://writerswrite.co.za/how-do-you-find-your-writing-voice/

This might seem a little obvious, but your personality will factor into your writing, even if you’re writing something academic. It’s not enough to just write the same way you talk because speaking involves so much more than just words. Think about the last conversation you had with someone. In person, listeners are getting your spoken words enhanced by your tone, mood, appearance, and body language. Those four things play a huge role in how people perceive you and how your words convey your intended meaning. What about the last phone call you had? Even without the physical nature of you there in person, listeners can still get a picture of the spoken words by your tone. 

Now consider your words in print without you there, left to fend on their own. Written words can do some work on their own, but they also need more help conveying things to others. That’s where you come in. Writing is a skill that takes practice. Everyone should take the time to figure out their strengths and hone their writing skills in a way that works well with those strengths.  

My first priority when I’m writing is thinking about the intended reader. The circumstances of that writing, whether I’m communicating my purpose effectively and whether my words clear enough are factors I take into consideration when I am completing an assignment. 

My writing voice is not stagnant; I adapt my voice based on what I think will work best for whatever writing I am working on.  

For some people, writing comes naturally and for others, it takes a little more time to complete something. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, everyone should be writing regularly because your writing voice isn’t something that is innate. It requires a lot of effort in order to get better at it projecting that voice in writing in a way that connects with readers. Consistency and commitment to developing your writing voice and like the article says, honing your voice takes practice. 

This article is a 10 out of 10. You probably should be writing now. The article even gives writing prompts as a great way for people to start writing and it takes the pressure off of having to think of an idea from scratch. 

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