Month: May 2019

Fear Of Words

This Article was written by Gabrielle and edited by Ana Darhma Fear of Words (and Other Writer’s Block) Why it’s useful.    If you’ve ever freelanced as a copywriter, you’ll find out soon enough that your hard-earned work can become much more undervalued than you’d expect. A freelance copywriter can spend countless hours and drinking two…

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#shewriteshistory Marry Shelley

This article was written by Sarah Rapacz and edited by Gabrielle Goodleo It’s no secret that aside from romance, horror is probably one of the most popular modern genres of literature today. But do you know who some of the most famous inventors of modern horror are? Here’s a secret: it’s a woman. In today’s…

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Book Review

The Chronicles of Hawthorn: A Magical Fantasy Adventure From the desk of Reedsy Discovery. Check out my profile here. SYNOPSIS An ancient prophecy. A deadly enemy. A young girl’s fight to save her people and her own soul. 4 books. 800+ pages of magical fantasy that spell fast-paced adventure. Follow Flynn Hawthorn on her magical…

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