Why I Changed My Name for Publishing

Why it Matters, and Yours Should To.

I mentioned in my very first blog post that I will be publishing my books under the full name Maggie M. S. Burleson, rather than my given name – Maggie Chapman. I took my name seriously in college, which is when I began writing seriously. I realized several things:

1) Megan Chapman is not a very marketable name.

2) Megan Chapman is not who I am. At least not biologically.

It’s a long story, but to make it short, my mother was still married to her ex-husband by the time I came along. Despite the fact they were separated, and due to the rules of the state, Chapman was given as my last name, when technically, it should’ve been Shields. However, my biological father was never an active figure in my life, and thus my name was never changed.

M.S. is a secret representation of two names that mean the most important to me—my grandfather’s mother’s name. My middle name is a long standing tradition in our family. The youngest inherits the name, along with its storied history. S honors my great-grandparents, who loved me dearly enough to seek me out when my biological father stepped aside

My great-grandparents were very active parts of my life and I loved them both dearly. They carried the name of Shields at their passing, so when I began contemplating a more marketable pen name. One that would connect with readers and stand out on a bookshelf, I also wanted to choose something with meaning.

I chose Maggie as the first name of my pen name. It still honors Megan, the name my grandfather gave me, but isn’t Meg. (I hate the name Meg and few are allowed to call me this). I started teaching in August of 2018 and my students easily adapted the name, so it stuck.

Burleson is my grandfather’s name. It’s an ode to the man who helped raise me and taught me everything I know. One day, I will carry this name on paper, as much as I do as a published author. This name is the one that matters most, the one I carry in my blood. The one I look to when I need strength and love.

In everything we do, our names are a link to who we are. Where we’ve come from. Our history. Even if it isn’t your real name. Even if it’s a name you chose simply for marketing purpose, that name will alway be connected to you and your past. There are dozens of Megan Chapmans in the world; there’s even an up-and-coming actress. There are not many Maggie M.S. Burlesons in the world and that definitely makes all the difference.

So, lovely readers, what’s in a name? Do you believe names matter when marketing your book? Do you have a pen name? What’s the history behind it? Would you create one? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts below!

And, as always, remember, lovely readers,

Say it with words.

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